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公益財団法人 神戸ファッション協会

About Kobe Fashion Contest
Kobe Fashion Organization will hold “The 43rd Kobe Fashion Contest 2016”, a program to support young talents who dream to become mode creators flying ahead to the world. Five people will be selected to receive the special commendation and will have chance to study in Paris, Roma or Nottingham.

Kobe Fashion Contest started in the following year of Kobe Fashion City Proclamation in 1973 and is the contest which has held the history and accomplishment in sending a number of students to Fashion-related colleges and professional schools in France, Italy and England as an overseas education supporting program since 1999. We provide the students with not only an opportunity to study at famous foreign schools, but also with chance to participate in practical training system in the worldwide fashion industry in order to develop human resources who will work in the international stage.

Kobe Fashion Organization